Handmade edition of 50 3.5" "floppy disks"- more or less identical to the first edition to combat scalpers. Contains all 14 tracks of "Synthetic Core 88" in it's entirety on severely compromised* audio fidelity, along with a 300x300 JPEG of the original album art.
Cover art by Vacuum Chan (twitter.com/vacuum_chan)

-Colors chosen at random (no requests please)
-Includes bandcamp download code
-Please limit two diskettes per purchase!-
Any order exceeding two will be cancelled.

*Tracks have been edited down to one loop and rendered to stereo 8 bit 8kHz MP3- akin to streaming the album through built in IBM PC speakers (on a dial up connection) in the next room over.

Equip- Synthetic Core 88 3.5" Diskette