First press sold pretty quickly- this second batch is also limited to 100 transparent red shell tapes!

In hand and shipping now!

Pro-dubbed cassette of one Equip's 2016 forrays into sample-based vaporwave and debut on Ailanthus records, NEW GAIA. Called one of the best Vaporwave albums of 2016 from Bandcamp Daily, NEW GAIA is a concept mixtape of humanity's struggle to survive after Planet Earth is trashed and uninhabitable.

"Kicking off the year with an appropriately-themed promise of renewal, the self-titled New Gaia saw vaporwave build on its new-age leanings to create music that was cosmic and celestial in scope. Charting the human race’s departure from an exhausted Earth, its futuristic soundscapes and shimmering keys felt like a voyage to alien worlds in search of a new habitat. Yet in true vaporwave fashion, its subtle-yet-evocative atmosphere of unreality revealed these worlds to be hyperreal simulations, disguising the demise of humanity, along with the planet we destroyed." -Simon Chandler

Includes 4 bonus tracks exclusive to the physical cassette.

Hop aboard a one-way transport to the off-world colonies where hyper-realistic simulations of things you once loved await!


NEW GAIA Deluxe Edition Cassette (Red shell second pressing)